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Hear from people we’ve helped

“I had worked with a credit restoration company before and spent a lot of money with little results. When I started I was skeptical loved the client portal that showed me the progress and kept me connected at my convenience.”  -Mary B

“My wife and I were drowning in debt. When I say drowning, we were struggling to make just the interest payments for a few years before we spoke to a “Credit Guru.” To be honest I thought it was a gimmick and I’m using this review to apologize for the pain I was getting enrolled. Our lives are forever changed by Integrity Inc. it took some time but we are proud to be apart of the debt free club and will never go back! Thank you!” – Harrison Family

” I was a tax client of Integrity Inc and was won over by my tax expert. She was fast and honest, plus got me a huge return when I thought I owed. When I told her I would like to buy a house in the next yea- she was very fast in connecting me to their credit department for a consultation; we game planned and now instead of it being a aimless dream its a realistic goal. I’m home buyer ready in half the time I thought it would take, plus they connected me to a lender. I can not describe the joy I have, I’m the first in my family to own a home.”  -Amil K